What am I hearing on CountryMusicOnTheRoad.com?

Country Music on the Road is a new website dedicated to LIVE Country Music. The people behind this site own an exclusive library of live Country Music recordings that were gathered for THE ROAD radio show. By pulling some of the best material from our library, we’ve created a 24/7 radio station made up solely of live Country Music. We hope that you bookmark our page and enjoy the streaming of our one-of-a-kind “radio station”. We also hope that you’ll become a “Roadie” by giving us your contact info so that we might add you to our database and email lists.

Where can I hear The Road Radio Show?

The Road has affiliates all across America. Please use our Affiliate Finder (coming soon) to find the station nearest you.

Can I purchase the live music I hear on The Road or this website?

Sorry, but music licensing issues prevent us from making any of the live recordings that you hear on The Road show or the live streaming station at CountryMusicOnTheRoad.com available for purchase. Our rights are for broadcast and streaming only and we cannot make any of these recordings available to you… not for money, not because we like you, not as a favor to your sick Aunt, not for any reason. We do encourage you to purchase properly licensed music from the artists that you might discover on this site or via The Road through regular retail channels. But again, our hands are tied regarding making our recordings available.

Who is the voice that I hear on your radio show and your internet station?

The voice of both The Road and CountryMusicOnTheRoad.com is Country DJ Hall of Famer Charlie Cook. Charlie is one of the most influential figures EVER in Country Radio, and we’re proud to have him lend his voice to our programming efforts.

Who decides what music is on the radio show or the internet station, and why can’t I hear really new or really old or really obscure artists?

Syndicated radio shows follow the programming patterns of the radio stations that are affiliates, so the music gathered and scheduled tends to reflect the music charts and playlists of those stations. As a result, as much as we’d like to turn you on to brand new artists or buried treasures in our archive, we won’t please our affiliated stations if we don’t emulate the artist lineup at their stations. We know that you might feel you’re hearing artists and songs that you’ve heard before, but we hope that our library of exclusive live recordings is still a nice treat for your ears.

How can I get you consider recording me or my band or an artist that I represent for The Road?

Per the paragraph above, we tend to put our resources only into recording artists who are on the current national Country radio charts. If you’re lucky enough to be getting significant attention in radio-land, then you should contact our Talent Acquisition expert, the legendary Richard Kimball. Email us through this site or at info@unitedstations.com and we’ll connect you with Richard to discuss how it all works.

Who is United Stations anyway?

United Stations Radio Networks, Inc. (“USRN”) is America’s leading independently owned and operated radio network. USRN currently produces and distributes dozens of format-specific programs and services accounting for over 5000 affiliations with commercial radio stations across the country. The company is based in New York but also maintains programming, sales and affiliate marketing offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington and, of course, Nashville. USRN has a history that dates back to 1981, and the current incarnation of the company was founded in 1994 by radio pioneers Dick Clark and Nick Verbitsky.